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Hey there, my fellow artsy souls! Today, let’s dive into the wonderful world of maintaining a sketchbook & explore some of my go-to sketchbook tips for beginners! (or honestly, even a seasoned artist just looking for a little refresher of insight!) These sketchbook tips will help you embrace your passion and stay dedicated to your […]

Art Tips, Sketchbook Tips

January 25, 2024

Sketchbook Tips for Beginners: Your Artsy Friends Guide

Welcome to a little recap of my Annual Vision Board Party: a yearly tradition where we dive into dreams, set intentions, strategically goal-set, and bask in the company of good souls. This time, we turned “The Madison” venue in Cleveland into our haven of creativity, & self-reflection, and I’ve got tons of pictures to show […]

Encouragement, Life & Personal Stories, Podcast Episodes

January 23, 2024

My 2024 Vision Board Party & Goal Planning Event

Hello sunshine’s! Arastasia, – aka – Artsy Airy, here!! In this blog I’ll be giving an inside look at my Euclid, Ohio flower wall mural for Bombshell Beauty. This work of art is proudly displayed on the outdoor patio right next to Paragon Wine Bar, giving locals and tourists alike a dose of artistic inspiration. […]

Murals, Paintings

July 24, 2023

Behind The Scenes: Painting My Euclid Ohio Flower Mural

Hey there lovers! Arastasia, aka Artsy Airy, here! I am back with the full scoop on my new Cleveland Mural at Battr Sweets in Tremont. Battr is located at the heart of Literary Rd. & Professor in Tremont, Ohio – an adorable Cleveland village. Join me on this journey and I’ll spill the beans about […]

Murals, Paintings

July 17, 2023

Inside Scoop: A Look at My New Cleveland Mural at Battr Sweets in Tremont, Ohio

Hello sunshine, Artsy Airy here. Have you ever found yourself plagued by self-doubt, questioning your talent, and feeling like an imposter in the artistic realm? If so, know that you’re not alone. Many creative souls face the challenge of imposter syndrome for artists —a persistent belief that they don’t deserve their accomplishments and that their […]

Art Tips, Encouragement

May 26, 2023

Embracing Your Artistic Journey [Overcoming Imposter Syndrome for Artists]

Have you ever found yourself absolutely irritated by film that didn’t develop with your Polaroid camera? Because… yes, same. I absolutely LOVE polaroids, I have hundreds and hundreds of them around my office. But, when the film is faulty and doesn’t develop properly, I get so frustrated… it seriously drives me bananas. Film is pretty […]

DIY, Paintings

May 9, 2023

DIY Polaroid Art Project – How to Paint Faulty Film

Hello sunshine! If you’re looking for a fun DIY art project that you can do at home, using every day items, then I have a fun idea and tutorial for you! In this article you’ll see how I used an empty Valentines Day chocolate box as inspiration to paint a colorful memory! What started as […]

DIY, Paintings

May 2, 2023

DIY Art Project – Repurposed Chocolate Box Painted Beautiful Wall Art

Hello sunshine! Arastasia, aka – artsy airy – here! I am a full-time artist with a deep passion for sharing the mental health benefits of creativity. Painting has become one of my absolute healthiest coping mechanisms and the way it helps my anxiety is life changing. Art therapy can be life-changing for you too! Follow […]

DIY, Encouragement

April 27, 2023

DIY Art Project to Ease Your Anxiety [Step-By-Step Painting Tutorial]

Anyone who knows me, knows i’m always saying “look at the sky!” I truly love taking time out of my day to slow down, and admire the big open space above us. Within the last year, I have found a deep appreciation for painting clouds, and bringing a little piece of the sky down to […]

Art Tips, Encouragement

April 4, 2023

Finding Inspiration in the Sky: How Painting Clouds Helps My Perfectionism

First, why should you add live wedding painting to your wedding day? Live wedding painting is the perfect way to relive your wedding day exactly the way it felt. It’s just the icing on the cake when you add in everything else like your photos, videos, etc. Being able to look back and recall all […]

Paintings, Weddings

February 6, 2023

How to find a live wedding painter