creative entrepreneur
mural artist
mental health advocate

hot mess of an adult that laughed, cried, & painted my way through my 20's

I'm Arastasia,
aka artsy airy

i've made it my mission to inspire people to embrace creative joys and heal through art.

If you know me in real life, or you even found me on the internet, it would probably shock you to know that I wasn't always the super passionate & hopeful artist that I am today. In fact, long before I discovered my love for photography and painting, I was an almost high school drop-out lacking confidence, purpose, and hope for a happy life. Once I found creative passions, a future didn't seem so impossible, and joy was quite literally at my fingertips.

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some fun facts

I quit my marketing job and moved 800 miles away to open my photography business

at 22 years old..

I was told I wouldn't graduate high school without an art credit and painted for the first time

i discovered my love for art by accident

I'm clumsy, hyper, & bubbly. I'm an adult with ADHD but I prefer to call it my adult creativity

i'm creative chaos

and he's purrfect in every way

Mimosa is my cat

i have a goal to paint 10 murals this year

i have big dreams

there's no such thing as perfect art - art is a form of expression & that cannot be incorrect

growing up with childhood trauma is the reason why i am such a passionate & creative adult

choosing yourself does not make you selfish or a bad person

I believe:


art tips


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