i'm arastasia

hello friend

mural artist. art class instructor. wedding photographer

I take the phrase "head in the clouds" to a completely different level

I've always been obsessed with noticing the small, beautiful things about life. One of them being clouds.
You'll find me painting them all the time, and pointing out the sky at inconvenient or random moments.

meet me

my cat, Mimosa, is my favorite coworker in the world.

I'm annoyingly emotional
I have ADHD, but I prefer to call it "adult creativity" 

I love helping others

and I'm absolutely an extrovert and love talking to people
especially talking business. Mention marketing or ideas and I will talk for hours.


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upcoming dates -----

Foggy Mountains & Pine Trees
 · Friday, September 16th - 7pm (est) ·

Weeping Willow Sunset Trees
 · Thursday, Oct 6th 7PM (est) ·

Mountains & Wildflowers
 · Sunday, Nov 6th 6PM (est) ·

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upcoming dates -----

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virtual paint classes

Art has helped me SO much in life, and I FIRMLY believe that anyone can create art, there is no wrong way to be creative.

I teach virtual paint classes every month to allow YOU to embrace your creativity and learn some fun techniques and tips along the way. 


the most colorful part of my brain! I offer murals for your home, business, or anything else I can get my hands on! check out more murals by click the images below!

the podcast

a business and lifestyle podcast that helps you chase your passions and embrace your potential to create your dream life

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I am now offering Tshirts of my Euclid, Ohio wall mural!

Tshirts are available in sizes S-XXL
and available in white or grey, as well as the original Euclid, Oh script OR the Cleveland script

Shipping is included in Tshirt price

Euclid, Ohio Mural T Shirt


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Cleveland, Ohio Mural Tshirt


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"Passion and Potential Podcast speaks to my soul!! Arastasia is so easy to listen to and leaves me with action steps I can take to make small changes to my life that add up to big transformations."

- Lindy

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