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i'm arastasia

Welcome to my vibrant corner of the internet, where I'm all about embracing the messy, celebrating imperfections, and helping you find the magic in your creative journey.

I'm a mural artist, photographer, podcaster, & lover of all the colorful things in life.

Welcome to the most colorful corner of the internet! Here, I'm all about embracing the messy, celebrating imperfections, and navigating the exciting journey of turning your passion into a fulfilling career or side hustle. My mission is to empower you to pursue your creative dreams while building a sustainable and thriving business. Join me on my podcast, Your Artsy Friend, as we navigate the crossroads of creativity, self-exploration, and entrepreneurship. With shared stories, insights, and actionable advice, let's embrace every stroke of life's canvas and transform imperfections into beautiful masterpieces, both in art and in business

Welcome to my vibrant corner of the internet! Here you'll find art & mural services, education & empowering messages from my podcast, Your Artsy Friend, and of course- lots of color!

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- Brooke Townsend

I have been following Arastasia for YEARS and find her SO incredibly inspiring! In recent years she started offering art classes and I was so incredibly excited because I'm an artist myself wanting to get better at my own craft with painting!! And of all the artists I follow, she's the only one who offers such amazing online, easy to follow classes for beginners and experienced artists alike. And has such an amazingly positive personality that's completely infectious. Just from the 2 classes I've done with her, I learned so much!! And hope to do more in the future 🙂

- Kate Sully

Arastasia is so, so talented, and such a kind and beautiful soul. I’ve attended tons of her paint classes over the years, and she’s amazing at breaking down the steps and helping you create something you’re proud of, while encouraging to leave perfectionism behind and just be free, whimsical, and creative with it! I’ve also bought a few custom canvas paintings from Arastasia, and some of her own art prints, and all of them are hung around my desk, where I do a lot of my own creative work as a writer! Her paintings are gorgeous every time, remind me to let go of perfection, and inspire me to keep creating and chasing my dreams - every time I look up at them. And the art prints themselves are such good quality; they feel like the real thing with a thickness and texture that allows you to really appreciate the brush strokes, and they look great with or without a frame. She even does wedding paintings, and when I saw the sneak peak of our first kiss photo turned painting, my jaw dropped. She is SO good at what she does, whether she’s working purely with her own ideas and creativity, or you’ve given her a specific request. I can’t wait until I’m not renting anymore so I can have her paint a mural in my house one day!!
I can’t recommend Arastasia enough. Her art, her skills, her customer service, and her personality in general are all top notch and everyone needs a little bit of her creativity in their life!

- Jenna Seibert

Arastasia is hands down the most amazing artist that I have had the wonderful privilege of knowing. She turned my inspiration of mountains (my fiancé) and flowers (me) into the most beautiful painting I could ever imagine. She sells it on her website now under the name ‘Jennas Mountains’ if you find yourself so inclined to take a look, which you should. We are so lucky to have her as our photographer for our wedding and can’t wait to have her paint a mural for us one day 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

- Holly Pogras

Arastasia is a fantastic artist. Whether it’s a small painting/doodle or a gigantic mural she puts her whole soul into what she is doing. Her attention to detail while at the same time letting the art take her where it will is amazing to watch. Whether it’s a small painting/doodle or a giant mural she puts her all into it. Every piece she does radiates joy and beauty that almost match her own. I have her artwork all over my walls and I’m sure I will be buying more each year!

kind words

kind words