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Bedroom Transformation: Blank Wall Turned Dreamy Cloud Mural

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Can you imagine waking up to a beautiful pastel sky every day of your life? I made that possible in this gorgeous bedroom by painting a dreamy cloud mural all across the ceilings!

When my client Cutest Coops hired me for this mural, there were a few major components that were essential for her version!

Soft and fluffy clouds are a must for a dream cloud mural.

This dreamy cloud mural was a surprise for my client’s daughter, and she knew exactly what she wanted. She imagined her daughters room feeling like magic every time she opened her eyes in the morning! So by using my painting skills, combined with the incredible windows, that’s exactly what we achieved! I mean seriously, those giant windows were EVERYTHING for this vision. They absolutely made the painted cloud wall seamlessly blend into the sky outdoors.

We wanted the cloud wall to have whimsical Vibes, but not feel too childish

Because this mural was for her daughter’s bedroom, she definitely wanted it to feel whimsical. However, she also wanted the mural design to be something her daughter could grow with, and not get sick of once she started maturing a little. To avoid a childish look, I decided to paint clouds that seemed more realistic, and not “cartooney”.

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Pastel colors, with hints of vibrance

Pastel clouds were a must for that whimsical and not-too-childish vision. I hand mixed colors of pink, orange, yellow, blue, and purple.

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Below are some additional before and after pics! Have fun teleoporting to the sky as you look through them!

Want to see some process videos of me painting this wall?
Check out some of my fun reels over on my Instagram!
Dreamy Cloud Mural Timelapse Video

More murals can be found on my website and if you have a wall in mind that you’d love me to paint, go ahead and fill out my contact form with all the details!

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