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Inside Scoop: A Look at My New Cleveland Mural at Battr Sweets in Tremont, Ohio

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Hey there lovers! Arastasia, aka Artsy Airy, here! I am back with the full scoop on my new Cleveland Mural at Battr Sweets in Tremont.

Battr is located at the heart of Literary Rd. & Professor in Tremont, Ohio – an adorable Cleveland village. Join me on this journey and I’ll spill the beans about the vision, community love, and artistic approach behind the colorful wall!

Want to see the mural from start to finish? Watch my timelapse video below!

The Beginning Steps: discussion, prep, & brainstorming!

Let me take you through the thought process, vision, & important aspects of the Battr mural. Below, I’ve highlighted some of my favorite parts that came into play with the brainstorming process!

^ To celebrate booking this mural, I obviously had to paint Battr desserts all over a champagne bottle to pop! Wait til you see the transition of this wall!

Battr Sweets: 910 Literary Road. Tremont, Ohio

The Artistic Approach: From Doodles to Magic

Okay, let’s get real for a moment. This mural wasn’t conjured out of thin air. It all started with some brainstorming, discussions with the owners of Battr & then the doodles on my iPad. I sat and stared at the wall for quite some time, and allowed my creativity to blossom.

It’s crazy to believe this was a blank canvas before I got my painter hands on it.

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I can’t even count how many hours I thought about this wall design, doodling on my Ipad over and over. Eventually, I came up with a proposal of 7 different designs for Battr to choose from.

Once they took a look and found the design they fell in love with, I knew it was go time! My little Ipad screen of mock-up doodles would soon be a reality of real-life brushstrokes. But by the way, we’re talking about a seriously large-scale mural here. Climbing up a ladder simply wouldn’t cut it. I had to call in the big guns and rent some heavy-duty equipment from our friends at Sunbelt Rentals.

3 Key Components for The Vision behind the Battr Mural Design

Now, let’s walk through the vision behind the doodles turned painted wall.

Below are my top 3 inspirations for this wall design.

1. Letting Your Inner Kid Loose

Picture this: you’re walking down the street, notice BATTR and instantly feel a surge of childhood nostalgia. That’s the magical vision I had for this mural. I wanted it to be a vibrant, playful explosion of color. Ya know, reminding you of those carefree moments when desserts made your heart skip a beat.

My aim was to create an environment where everyone feels like a kid again, relishing in the sweetness of life. I opted for colors that felt playful, like bright teal, coral, and pink. I knew using these bright colors would not only draw attention, but also allow the painted desserts to stand out! As for the desserts, I used some reference photos that Battr provided me with for accuracy & understanding.

Below you’ll see some of the dessert example pics, as well as my colorful paint pallets.

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New Mural at Battr Sweets in Cleveland, Ohio

2. Embracing the Tremont Community: Wit and Local Flavor

Tremont, a vibrant community located just outside of Cleveland, is a haven for small businesses, warm-hearted locals, and an atmosphere brimming with excitement. Throughout the entire process of painting the mural, I experienced the genuine kindness and support of the Tremont residents. As they strolled by, they would shower me with kind words, expressing their enthusiasm for both the new artwork and the upcoming dessert shop.

It was heartwarming to witness the tight-knit camaraderie that permeates this neighborhood. Tremont exudes a small-town charm…. where neighbors know each other by name. There’s truly an undeniable sense of community that makes this place truly special.

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When brainstorming ideas for my mural, I knew it was important to honor all these amazing qualities of Tremont! My vision was to give the locals something they could appreciate, and a new business a wall-piece that was specifically branded to them. I knew this wall mural could really become a pit-stop for both residents & visitors to snap a selfie with.

I decided to spice things up with a witty quote that will make you chuckle: “Life is BATTR in Tremont.” See what I did there? It’s all about infusing a little humor and charm into the heart of the town – a win-win for the branding of Battr, but also for the community.

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3.Embracing a Local Tremont Celebrity – “Mayor Steve French”

Locals had one request for their newest wall – to feature their beloved local celebrity, none other than “Mayor Steve French” – a cat with quite a reputation.

[pictured below in local newspaper, The Tremonster]

As a cat lover, I absolutely loved this idea. I treat my cat, Mimosa, like he’s kind of the world.

I came up with vision to have Mayor Steve French painting the mural on a ladder. He would “finalize his mural” with the mayor-supporting witty quote “Life is Battr in Tremont”

Including this little inside joke and local mayor in the mural definitely adds spreads smiles throughout the neighborhood. Also, I should add, the community was SO helpful with this portion of the project. I turned to social media to request pictures of famous mayor, and boy did they deliver.

(yeahh… he took all the credit for my hard work, i’m okay with it!)

A Grand Unveiling and a Sweet Invitation

The countdown has begun! BATTR will be opening its doors on August 1st, and oooohhhh man is everyone excited! We want all of you – friends, locals, and visitors – to be part of this sugary extravaganza. Additional details of the Battr grand opening will be coming soon!

And in the meantime, enjoy some of the photos from recent local “The Taste of Tremont” event where locals experienced a lovely “first.” A first time viewing of my mural, and a first-time taste of the yummy Battr desserts!

new cleveland mural at battr sweets in Tremont

Final thoughts of my Cleveland Mural at Bartt Sweets in Tremont

Words can’t express how grateful I am for this opportunity. Creating this mural allowed me to immerse myself in my creative passion. Doing so gave me the honor to create attraction for a new business, and to give something back to a town that I adore! Tremont, you’re the beating heart that makes community vibrant and beautiful. Thank you for embracing art and supporting new businesses like BATTR. This mural is my way of saying, “We’re in this together, making our neighborhood sweeter, one gelato cone & one brushstroke at a time!”

new cleveland mural at battr sweets in Tremont

One more thing! Stay tuned for A SECOND Cleveland Mural at Battr Sweets in Tremont!

My work here is not done! Follow along for the indoor mural I created in the seating area, upstairs at Battr! Blog post, & full mural timelapse coming soon! As the grand opening draws near, we invite you to step onto Professor Street to admire the new city art. And, of course, set that countdown to enjoy sweets August 1st! See you then, and see you around town!

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Thanks so much for reading, my friends! til next time!

With love and kindness,

Your artsy friend that is rooting for you

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-Arastasia, aka, Artsy Airy

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