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Behind The Scenes: Painting My Euclid Ohio Flower Mural

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Hello sunshine’s! Arastasia, – aka – Artsy Airy, here!! In this blog I’ll be giving an inside look at my Euclid, Ohio flower wall mural for Bombshell Beauty. This work of art is proudly displayed on the outdoor patio right next to Paragon Wine Bar, giving locals and tourists alike a dose of artistic inspiration. Get ready to dive into the captivating details of this black and white masterpiece that’s got everyone talking!

The Inspiration:

Picture this: the outline of Ohio takes center stage in the mural, representing the beloved community. Within that Ohio shape, I painted a dramatic scene of Lake Erie’s waves, paying homage to the body of water so many of us grew up on. I think the most unique part of this mural was the color pallet though. Everything was painted in monochromatic tones of just blacks and whites. I typically paint with a lot of color, so this was a really fun way to test my creativity & push me out of my comfort zone.

euclid ohio flower mural

Timeless Mural Flowers

After I painted the Lake Erie scene, it was time to embark on a floral journey. Outline the Ohio shape, I spent hours and hours drawing out different types of flowers. Some flowers were big, and extravagant. Some were small, simple, but impactful. Honestly, I could’ve done this all day, every day. You’ll often find my doodling flowers all over my sketchbooks, notes, and really any paper that’s near my artist hands. (lol) Drawing flowers have become one of my favorite ways to relax and help my anxiety! So.. getting to paint giant ones on a wall was absolutely a blast for me.

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euclid ohio flower mural

Painting the Euclid, OH script.

After the flowers, I began painting something that really defines the location of this mural. In black paint, I spelled out Euclid, Ohio in script font. This little touch adds a warm sense of place and reminds the community to be proud of their roots.

euclid ohio flower mural

A Creative Hub for All:

Bombshell Beauty really wanted this wall to be something that locals could snap photos of as they drove by or while enjoying a lovely cocktail at the Paragon Wine Bar next door. The mural can be seen from Paragon’s adorable back patio, where you can enjoy live music, scrumptious food, and delightful drinks. The perfect recipe for a night to remember, with art and entertainment colliding in the most epic way!

euclid ohio flower mural
Pictured: locals snapping a picture with the mural while out for a family date night

In fact, In May of 2022, Bombshell and I teamed up to hold an event at Paragon’s back patio, celebrating female entrepreneurs. We called the event “Make Waves” a testiment to the females doing incredible work, and the beloved Lake Erie waves (the same ones painted on the mural!) The event featured local vendors, live event painting, wonderful drinks, music, and of course an awesome view of the freshly painted wall!

Lastly, my most nerve-wracking part:

Isn’t it silly that the part that makes me most nervous when painting a mural is signing my own name? Something i’ve been quite literally signing since I was 5 years old. None the less, I completed my black and white beauty with my signature, did a happy dance, and celebrated with a white claw at Paragon next door!

Conclusion of my Euclid, Ohio flower mural

So there you have it, folks—the bombastic mural that’s put Euclid, Ohio on the art map. With its monochromatic magnificence, the captivating Ohio shape, the majestic Lake Erie waves, the flower power extravaganza, and the script font proudly shouting “Euclid, Ohio.” This mural is a testament to artistry and community pride. Join the locals and tourists who flock to Paragon Wine Bar’s outdoor patio, soak in the artistic vibes, and let your creativity run wild in this vibrant corner of Euclid. Most importantly, be sure to check out Bombshells incredible salon services to treat yourself to some pampering!

Thanks so much for reading, my friends! til next time!

With love and kindness,

Your artsy friend that is rooting for you

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-Arastasia, aka, Artsy Airy

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