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Embracing Carefree Creativity: A Casual Creative’s Perspective on Art and Life

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HI there!! My name is Kate Sully, and today I’ll be a guest blogger for Arastasia.com and Your Artsy Friend Podcast! I’m just an everyday person who’s crazy about all things creative. You know those times when you’re doodling on the margins of your notebook or taking snapshots of random things that catch your eye? That’s the carefree creative spirit in action! No fancy titles needed—just a love for embracing imperfections and finding the pure joy in creating. Let’s chat about how this approach to creativity can make life more colorful and exciting. Whether it’s scribbling, snapping, or anything in between, I’m here to show you that carefree creativity is all about having a blast while making stuff you love.

Introduction: A Glimpse into a Casual Creative’s World

There have been, and are times, when I take my creative projects and goals more seriously. Sometimes, I even turn them into a job. (lLike when I trained to become a licensed yoga instructor…) (or when I went through school to earn my MFA in creative and professional writing..) ( ORRR when I started my own photography business.) However, for the most part, I approach creativity and art pretty casually. With intent, excitement, and interest, but without any pressure. For me, it’s all about letting go, being in the present moment, and creating peace and joy. Like my good friend, Arastasia always says, “Art is not meant to be perfect.” It’s just meant to be.

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The Art of Letting Go: Unleashing Creativity with Intent and Joy

 When Arastasia asked me to write a guest blog about this, I was honored, and of course, said yes! I’ve always shared her interest and indulgence in creative therapy,. I truly believe everyone has the creativity and artistic qualities that can bring peace and joy to their lives. (Whether they think of themselves as an artist/creative or not.) If we’re brave enough to let go of that perfectionism, and simply BE. Be brave enough to CREATE for fun… for peace… or for the hell of trying something new, something for YOU.

Painting the Canvas of Possibilities: Finding Peace and Fun in the Process

Take painting, for example; it’s one of Arastasia’s top talents, but I wouldn’t count it as one of mine. That hasn’t stopped me, though. I’ve attended almost all of her paint classes over the years. And more and more frequently, I find myself trying new paintings on my own. Painting is extremely fun for me, and honestly, a way to reduce stress and calm my mind. This creative outlet has even become a date night activity with my husband! (who is equally average as I am at painting, and just as carefree, too).

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Embracing Carefree Creativity - A Casual Creative’s Perspective
Embracing Carefree Creativity - A Casual Creative’s Perspective

Bob Ross Mindset: Embracing “Happy Accidents” and Progress over Perfection

I often think of Bob Ross quotes when I paint. Quotes like “Happy little accidents,” and “I’m not very good at it, but that’s okay.” I think those are some of the best mindsets to have about artistic things. Go with the flow, progress over perfection, and it’s okay. These sentiments encourage us to continue indulging in our creativity. Embracing creativity instead of blocking or suppressing it because we feel “we aren’t doing something right or we aren’t good enough.”

But when those thoughts come up, I remind myself of Bob Ross sayings, and ask myself things like:

“Good enough for what? For who? What’s the worst that could happen if I don’t absolutely love the painting I create? What if it doesn’t turn out the way I intended?”

And usually, I laugh at myself a little, and then let go of those negative emotions and just have fun! If something looks horrible, I call it a happy accident, laugh it off, and keep on keeping on. I can always try again if I want. Odds are, we’ll all get better and better with each try. When you take the pressure off, you’d be surprised how calming and fun art can be! (even if you’re “bad” at it.) It’s all subjective anyway, right? Who’s to say you aren’t the next Picasso? And if you’re not – who cares? That doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to paint and have fun with it, anyway!

Embracing Carefree Creativity Imperfectly (Even In My Career)

Even as a professional writer, editor, and aspiring best-selling author, I approach my writings pretty casually. I choose to embrace my creativity more than any expectations or rules. Sure, I keep my expertise in mind, and want to create something “good.” And of course, I consider something that agents, publishers, and/or readers will like. But ultimately, I don’t let those things get to my emotions or influence my creative choices too much. (at least not in the first couple drafts). My process looks like: following my heart and let the story flow how I feel it should. I’m okay with making happy little accidents and discoveries along the way. Later one I can worry about “perfecting” it for the industry during edits.

The Therapeutic Power of Art: Healing, Growing, and Living Fully

Approaching art and creative endeavors more casually, or with more “yoga-like-meditative intents” has helped me love life more all around. Whether I’m writing a story or poem daily. Or maybe painting a sunrise or forest monthly. Heck, singing in a musical once every five years, or trying to remember how to play some of the instruments I haven’t touched in a decade. Carefree creativity is really all about the art of letting go and just enjoying life. In all honesty, honoring my creativity has helped with letting go and loving life more in general, not just with perfectionism in the arts. For me, creativity is a version of therapy. It’s the releasing of emotions, tension, and ideas. Creativity is learning, growing, and healing, slowing down, appreciating the small joys and accomplishments, and just being in the moment.

In Conclusion: carefree creativity means you create just because you can

All in all, Just being YOU – that is what carefree creativity is, at its finest. That authenticity and willingness to be imperfect… that’s how some of the best works of art gets created. I encourage you to embrace your creative impulses and ideas. Try new things, and let go of the idea that you have to be perfect at something , or make money off of it to do it at all. Is it okay to take things seriously sometimes? Of course. But for the most part, take the pressure off and let yourself have fun as a casual creative. EVEN IF if you’re not very good yet or there are some happy accidents along the way!

Embracing Carefree Creativity - A Casual Creative’s Perspective
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