"Unlock your creativity, fuel your passions, and embrace this beautiful, messy journey of self-discovery."

Your Arty Friend is more than just a podcast; it's like a heart-to-heart pep talk with a friend or mentor when you need it most.  Join us as we dive into the beauty of embracing imperfections, uncovering our authentic selves, and transforming passions into thriving careers or side hustles. Get ready for actionable tips that ignite your creative spark and nourish your soul on this journey of self-discovery and entrepreneurial pursuit.

If you were to meet me in person or stumble upon me online, you might be surprised to learn that I haven't always been the enthusiastic and optimistic artist you see today. In fact, before I uncovered my love for photography and painting, I was on the verge of dropping out of high school, struggling with low self-esteem deep rooted in childhood trauma, and losing hope for a fulfilling future. However, once I discovered my creative passions, the seemingly impossible became attainable, and happiness was within reach. 

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"art has truly changed my life"

I am deeply passionate about life and have a mission to inspire others to discover that same fervor. My goal is to open up and share my experiences, vulnerabilities, and talents with you, inviting you into a world where your confidence can flourish, your creativity can soar, and your dreams can come true.

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the one with a creative soul and a heart full of dreams!

When things feel uncertain, just remember: You're like a fresh canvas, full of possibilities, waiting to be painted with your wildest dreams. Life's journey is like a big artwork in progress, and every little step you take helps you figure out what really matters to you. So, remind yourself today: You've got what it takes, you're strong, and you matter. You're the one shaping your own path, and every bit of excitement that lights you up is yours to claim.

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