Hey, you! Yes, you – the one with the creative soul and a heart full of dreams!

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Welcome to a podcast that's like that friend who shows up with a cup of coffee, ready to chat about all things art, life, and the beautiful mess in between. On my show, Your Artsy Friend we celebrate the amazingness that is YOU and your incredible creative journey.

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Ever had those moments when self-doubt sneaks in and tells you your art isn't good enough? I've been there too, and this podcast is here to remind us that perfection is seriously overrated. We'll dive into the realness of embracing imperfections, share stories that'll make you nod in agreement, and find inspiration even in the tiniest of moments.

Expect giggles, aha moments, and a whole lot of camaraderie. This podcast is like a heartwarming chat with your closest friend who knows that art isn't just about what you create – it's about the joy, the passion, and the journey.

Why "Your Artsy Friend"? Because I'm here to be just that – your artsy confidante, your partner in creativity, and your biggest cheerleader.

So, grab a cozy blanket, your favorite sketchbook, and let's dive into this adventure together.

If you know me in real life, or you even found me on the internet, it would probably shock you to know that I wasn't always the super passionate & hopeful artist that I am today. In fact, long before I discovered my love for photography and painting, I was an almost high school drop-out lacking confidence, purpose, and hope for a happy life. Once I found creative passions, a future didn't seem so impossible, and joy was quite literally at my fingertips. I'm so passionate about life, and i have a mission to help others find that same passion. I want to share my heart, vulnerability, and skills with you and welcome you into world where your confidence can grow, your anxiety can be eased, and your creativity can shine.

"art has literally changed my life"

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