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Finding Inspiration in the Sky: How Painting Clouds Helps My Perfectionism

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Anyone who knows me, knows i’m always saying “look at the sky!” I truly love taking time out of my day to slow down, and admire the big open space above us. Within the last year, I have found a deep appreciation for painting clouds, and bringing a little piece of the sky down to earth. In this article you’ll find a love letter poem I wrote about my love for clouds, and additionally some of the reasons why painting them is so beneficial for my mental health, serving as a reminder that it’s okay to be imperfect.

A love letter for clouds:

People always ask me why I’m so obsessed with the sky and painting clouds? When I see clouds… I see their shapes… their texture… the way they seem so close yet so far away. A piece of my inner child comes out, and I remember laying on the grass, looking up at the sky, and feeling so small. But small in a good way.. reminding me that the world is so big and there’s still so much to see. I’m 30 now, and I still look up at the sky, and I still feel small. Gazing above, I’m reminded of all the creative potential and imagination this world has to offer. Painting clouds is my way of capturing a piece of that magic, it’s my way to bring a small piece of the sky down to earth to honor its beauty and remind myself to keep that childlike imagination and admiration for life’s greatness.

Reasons Painting Clouds Benefits My Mental Health

1. Blending colors is soothing and relaxing

Blending paint colors is such a wonderful way to take a break from work, stress, and computer screens. Consider making a habit of starting your mornings with free painting, blending colors theraputically. The great part of free painting & blending colors is that anyone can do it! This is a morning ritual anyone can adopt, at any art level.

2. There’s no need for perfection – clouds aren’t perfect and neither is art

I am a perfectionist in recovery – i.e. I’ve come a LONG way.. but i’m still a work in progress. Working through my struggle with perfectionism has been a frequent topic in my therapy appointments. I’ve really put in the work to adopt new mindsets, constantly reminding myself that no one is perfect, and it’s okay to be a flawed human. I never imagined that painting clouds would become such a coping mechanism for this entire journey. The sky serves as a gentle reminder that clouds are magnificent and greatly appreciated, despite their unique and “imperfect” shapes. Some clouds are puffy, some are whispy, some are hardly there, but rarely you’ll see a perfectly shaped cloud. So, when I paint clouds, i take an imperfect approach, letting the odd shapes shine through. And that my friends, is very very therapeutic.

3. You can paint clouds based on the inspiration you find in nature

Sometimes a walk outside can be everything you need to recover from that mid-day meltdown. Taking time to enjoy fresh air and notice the earth around you is one of my favorite ways to find inspiration for my cloud paintings. I find this especially helpful for when you’re in a creative rut.

4. Painting clouds reminds you how the big the sky is, and how much potential there is in the world.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the stresses of life, and sometimes everything can feel like it’s caving in. When you sit down to paint clouds, think of our giant sky. Remind yourself that our world is so huge, and there is so much to be seen, experienced, and inspired-by yet.

By now, hopefully you’ll be inspired to make a date night with your mental health set aside time to paint clouds.

If you find yourself feeling creative, be sure to comment below or even tag me in your masterpiece on Instagram – I would love to see it!

Thanks for reading, and of course, remember to stop and look at the sky!

Sincerely, your artsy friend that is rooting for you,

Arastasia Rolain - Traveling Mural Artist, Art Educator, & Creative Entrepreneur

Arastasia Rolain – Traveling Mural Artist, Art Educator, & Creative Entrepreneur


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