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Why You Must Start Writing Down Your Goals To Achieve Your Dreams

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Hello sunshine! Welcome to another blog article (and podcast episode) from yours truly – Arastasia, also known as – your artsy friend! On my most recent podcast episode, I shared part 1 of my 3-part Motivation series – all prepped to get you ready for the new year! That being said, let’s dive into today’s topic: Why you must start writing down your goals! Creating a goal journal, on PHYSICAL paper, serves so many benefits for your motivation, confidence, and ambition! Below, i’ll be sharing the 3 reasons why starting a goal journal will help you in all the ways!

1.Writing Down Your Goals Serves as Tangible Commitment and Accountability: Making Dreams Real

writing down your goals - your artsy friend podcast - motivation tips & goal planning tips

Now, let’s get to the real magic. When you write down your goals, it’s not just ink on paper; it’s a pact with your future self. You’re making a commitment to turn those dreams into reality. Your words on that page become a binding promise. It’s you saying, “I believe in this, and I’m going to make it happen.”

But it doesn’t stop there. When you see your goals written down, it’s not just a list; it’s a reminder of your commitment. You’re holding yourself accountable. You’re not relying on fleeting thoughts anymore; you have evidence that you’re determined to turn your dreams into facts. Your goals are no longer wishes; they’re promises you’re making to yourself.

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2. Writing Down Your Goals Will Bring Clarity

writing down your goals - your artsy friend podcast - motivation tips & goal planning tips

Writing down your goals isn’t about scribbling words on a page; it’s about finding clarity in the chaos of your ambitions. We all have a whirlwind of dreams spinning around in our minds. But until we put them on paper, they remain nebulous. Writing them down gives them shape, form, and clarity.

This process is like gazing into a mirror for your soul. It’s a moment of self-reflection, a chance to understand what truly drives you. What are your core values, and what sets your heart on fire? When you put your dreams in black and white, they become tangible and easier to understand. It’s like your inner compass pointing you in the right direction.

writing down your goals - your artsy friend podcast - motivation tips & goal planning tips

In a world where doubt and negativity can often rain on our parade, your notebook is your cheerleader. Have you ever shared your dreams with someone and received a lukewarm response or even doubt in your abilities? It can be disheartening, like a cold shower for your enthusiasm. I know when this has happened to me personally, it devastated my excitement and left me wondering if I was unrealistic to pursue my passions.

Your notebook, however, is different. It’s your safe haven, free from external opinions. When you read your goals, it’s like your personal cheerleader whispering, “You’re amazing! You’re passionate! You can do this!” Your notebook is your constant source of motivation and unwavering encouragement.

As you journey through life, you’ll be able to look back and see how far you’ve come. Goals that once felt enormous and maybe even unattainable are now your everyday reality. By writing down your goals, you’re setting the stage for future successes. You’re reminding yourself that you’ve conquered the mountains before, and you can do it again.

Just the other day I was looking through my old notebooks and had an absolutely grounding moment of realization. In my notebooks I had things like “start a podcast” “start selling my art” and even a dream-like goal that said “Bucket List – paint ONE mural in my lifetime”

The amazing thing about re-reading this years later, is that I did achieve these goals. And that dream of painting ONE mural was achieved and turned into my career of painting MANY murals. Reflecting on this not only allowed me to take a moment to feel proud of myself, but it also served as a reminder to my current-day self that my dreams are possible. Seeing my past, big & dream-goals achieved, reminded me that my CURRENT big and dream-like goals can also be achieved. I’m capable and guess what my friend – you are too.

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So, what are you waiting for? Grab a notepad and start jotting down your goals. This simple, down-to-earth practice can unleash extraordinary results. Your dreams deserve to be cherished and, most importantly, achieved. Your notebook is your secret weapon, your roadmap to success. Embrace this empowering habit, and watch your aspirations burst into life.

In the words of your friendly blogger (that’s me), remember this: your dreams matter, and they are absolutely, unquestionably achievable. So, start writing them down and let your notebook be your trusted companion on your journey to success. You’ve got this, my friend!

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