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[Behind The Scenes]Painting Our Abstract Wall Mural In Our Living Room

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The inspiration behind our abstract wall mural

My boyfriend and I have very opposite brains – his being very analytical and linear, mine being artsy and creative. Mike (boyfriend) asked me to paint a mural in our living room, but i felt as though we really needed our living space to be a reflection of the both of us. That’s when we came up with the idea to paint an abstract wall mural, embracing our very opposite brains in the very best way! The name we decided on for this combined project was “Opposites Attract.” Below are some of the steps and our overall process we had while painting our wall, as well as some fun behind the scenes pictures and gif’s.

First, my boyfriend created a geometric design using painters tape.

Next, I painted my signature clouds over top of the blank wall and geometric tape design

The tape was my boyfriends design, and the clouds were definitely my time to shine. Clouds are a signature that I am well known for with my paintings, so obviously I had to include my clouds in our mural!

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24 hours later, we peeled back the tape once my cloud mural was dry

This part was probably the most satisfying part. Peeling back that tape was so cool to watch and something about it just feels so fun.

Final Touches! We finished the abstract wall with bright white lines to really make it pop!

We both decided that the original wall color just wasn’t standing out enough, so we opted to paint inside the line design with bright white paint. We wanted the lines to really pop on top of my cloud art, and the white paint absolutely helped that!

[check out my viral instagram video of us creating this wall mural: Blue Clouds Wall Mural with Abstract Lines]

Naturally, we had to have a little family photo session with our kitties to celebrate the new living room design!
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have a wall in mind that you’d love me to paint – go ahead and fill out my contact form with all the details!

Sincerely, your artsy friend that is rooting for you,

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