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Walls I Am Manifesting to Paint as a Traveling Mural Artist

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Hi there! I’m Arastasia – I am a traveling mural artist and full time creative business owner! Each year i like to set goals for myself and actively work towards achieving them! In 2021 I set a goal to reach 10 murals in one year, and met my goal with so much excitement! In 2022 I set the same goal, and I surpassed it! For this year, 2023, I have some more specific goals for my mural art. I have a few concept I would LOVE to creative, and i decided to share them with the world in hopes that someone will also fall in love with with these ideas and hire me for my mural services! Check out my mural dreams below, and feel free to fill out my contact form with any questions or thoughts!

1. A wall mural featuring a wildflower scene

I’ve painted many flower murals, but I would absolutely love if I could paint a full on wildflower scene challenging the vibes of these paintings (pictured above) that I have done in the past. Maybe even paint some mountains in as well??

Curious about some of the flower murals i’ve hand painted? here’s a few below!

Painting flowers has become another one of my favorites! Watch a wall transition from boring to beautiful here on my instagram!

2. I love painting cloud murals… sooo..Clouds, of course! 🙂

As we know, painting clouds is one of my favorites. I’m obsessed hahaha. I would love to see more cloud murals in my future this year, and different variations of the colors and formations!

Practically my whole Instagram is dedicated to clouds and how much I love painting them, so trust me you’ll find tons of it here!

3. A Sunrise over mountains mural would be everything my creativity needs

All the relaxing colors, warm toned sunrise over foggy mountains.. I feel like this would make a room so cozy and relaxing and it is right up my alley with my painting style & the way I blend colors.

I do similar paintings all the time to relax and unwind on canvases at home which you can see here, but I’d love to bring this vision to life on a wall!

4. A traveling mural artist’s dream – painting a Creative Elephant on a giant wall

I painted this version of an elephant yearssss ago, but I have it on my bucket list to paint an elephant mural, and I would loveee to add in some fun creative elements like florals.. or greenery.. abstract lines, etc.

5. A mural featuring a Meaningful quote is very aligned with my passions & creativity

Pictured Above – Mural for The Cracked Egg in Canton Ohio

the very first mural I ever did was this one pictured, and I added in this quote that resonated with me. This year I would love to do another mural that has a meaningful quote and base the painting elements.. colors.. vibe, etc. around that quote.

Check out my celebratory first EVER mural post here! Orrr my cute throwback with my boyfriend!

6. An indoor mural featuring Foggy mountains & trees, but this time in color

last year I painted the black and white foggy mountains mural above. I would love to do a similar concept, but this year with color, kind of similar to these paintings I’ve done in the past.

Wanna see me paint a mural similar to this? Check it out here!

Cheers to lots of goals filled with lots of heart and lots of color this year!

If you’re interested in contacting me about a custom mural, check out more work and contact me here!

Arastasia aka Artsy Airy – traveling mural artist rooted in Cleveland, Ohio

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