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Five Below Art Supplies Finds for Under $25

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The other day I took my niece and nephew shopping, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there was actually some really great Five Below art supplies finds – all for under $25! I bought a few essentials that I could pack in my art bag for when I’m painting on the go or wanting to create outside of my home art studio. Inspiration comes at all sorts of random times, and in random places, and additionally, I love to paint outside at local parks or on my back deck. Check out my finds below, and if you’re curious how I used them, check out this part 2 blog!

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Quick recap of my Five Below Art Supplies Finds:

  • Acrylic Paints – Variety Pack perfect for traveling & painting on the go
  • Collapsible Art Easel
  • Collapsible water bowl
  • Paintbrush Variety Pack
  • Watercolor Brush Pens
  • Watercolor Art Journal

Five Below Acrylic Paint Variety Pack – [Five Below Art Supplies Finds]

This acrylic paint set comes with so many colors, and I love that the tubes are small enough to pack in my bag to travel with.

Five Below Art Supplies Finds - acrylic paint

I’ve used this Five Below Collapsible Art Easel so much! – [Five Below Art Supplies Finds]

Hands down, this is probably my favorite Five Below find, if I’m being honest. I have used this easel every day since I bought it. I will bring it downstairs when watching Netflix with my Boyfriend, I’ll take it outside to paint on my back deck in the sunshine. The bonus points for this easel is it’s collapsible and super lightweight.

Five Below Art Supplies Finds - collapsible easel

An art find out of curiosity: Five Below Watercolor Brush Pen Set

This watercolor brush pen set was a purchase out of pure curiosity. I typically paint with Acrylic Paint Markers and pens, so trying out a watercolor version sounded fun and challenging for my creativity.

Five Below Art Supplies Finds - watercolor brush pen set

Collapsible Dog Water Bowl.. or a unique art find: a paint water bowl!

Okay, this collapsible water bowl is actually intended for dogs, but that’s okay.. I think it’s going to be so handy and useful. What a perfect way to have a water cup in my bag, without taking up space.

Five Below Art Supplies Finds - collapsible water bowl

Watercolor Art Journal

A Watercolor Art Journal is definitely my second favorite purchase. Five Below has such a good deal on this watercolor art journal. For only $5, you get 40 pages of the thick watercolor paper, and each page is super thick and sturdy. Pro tip – I like to paint with my acrylics on watercolor paper because of how sturdy it is, it holds up for my many layers and personal style.

25 Piece Paintbrush Set

These paintbrushes are definitely an average quality, but I liked that this variety pack came with so many different sizes. Additionally, the brush set had a “Dry brush” which is the brush type I like to use to add texture to my paintings.

So what do you think of this Five Below Art Supplies haul?

Will you be heading there or shopping online to give any of this supplies a try? Definitely stay tuned for my follow up blog post with examples of how I created with these affordable art finds! Feel free to tag me on instagram or DM me if you create something and want to share! I would love to see it 🙂

with love, your artsy friend that is rooting for you!

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