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Hey there, my fellow artsy souls! Today, let’s dive into the wonderful world of maintaining a sketchbook & explore some of my go-to sketchbook tips for beginners! (or honestly, even a seasoned artist just looking for a little refresher of insight!) These sketchbook tips will help you embrace your passion and stay dedicated to your […]

Art Tips, Sketchbook Tips

January 25, 2024

Sketchbook Tips for Beginners: Your Artsy Friends Guide

Hello my artsy friends! Today, I want to share some of my top sketchbook painting tips (and really.. painting with acrylics in general!) Anytime I’m teaching an online paint class, I find myself saying most of these tips over and over. So keep reading, jot down some notes, and reference this guide next time you […]

Art Tips, Sketchbook Tips

January 17, 2024

5 Helpful Sketchbook Painting Tips

Sketchbook Painting Tips